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NEW Software for FB Ads .. this is AWESOME!
NEW – Facebook ads software is HOT …
How to Get Cheaper FaceBook Ads ( and more targeted )
NEW – Audience Analyzer Facebook Ads Software Just Released ( private discount included )

There’s no doubt that Facebook advertising is one of
the easiest ways to get targeted traffic to your offers.

In fact, marketers are making a killing without the need
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.. and the problem is most marketers are paying way
too much for their ads.

But, you can easily increase your profits by using the
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.. using the latest “Audience Analyzer” software, you
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The Holy Grail of FB Ads Software!
NEW – Want to see one of the BEST Facebook ads Tools?
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Have you ever started with a single niche keyword and
in just under 2 minutes, pump out an entire facebook
ad campaign?

Sounds to good to be true .. right?

Well, not exactly. Using the new Audience Analyzer software
you can easily pump out the exact interest keywords and
categories you need for running successful campaigns fast!

Watch this full demo video here ( INSERT LINK )

It’s a MUST see. If you do any level of Facebook marketing,
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With the Audience Analyzer software, you get access to 9
built-in tools for coming up with hidden interest keywords
directly from Facebook’s internal database!

So, you are getting “Real” interest keywords with the exact
audience sizes for those keywords!

Simply take those keywords, paste them into your targets and
BOOM, you’ll have full blown ads running in no time flat!

Stop wasting 100’s of hours searching for the perfect keywords
with outdated tools!

In addition, you get instant access to the new Social Post Browser
software that gives you the ability to research current facebook
post ads.

This bonus really compliments the Audience Analyzer software
and is the perfect combination of tools to get your ads
up and running.

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This NEW Facebook Ads Software is .. AWESOME!
( Check this out ) – Audience Analyzer & Social Post Browser Software
Need Better Performing Facebook Ads? Then You HAVE TO See This!

I just wanted to let you know about an amazing new
software that was recently released called, Audience Analyzer ..

Simply put, this software will literally transform your failing
facebook ad campaigns into massively successful campaigns overnight!

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This software comes with 9 built-in tools that quickly uncover
thousands of “REAL” interest keywords directly from the Facebook’s
internal database!

[+] extract thousands of interests, schools, majors, job titles & employer targets
[+] generate thousands of targets from wikipedia, movie titles, book titles, websites,
product brand names, and top popular search engines
[+] explore the 1000+ category targets in an easy-to-read browser tool
[+] quickly pump out facebook ad campaigns with super-targeted keywords in just minutes
[+] import your own keywords and verify if they are contained in the facebook database!
[+] and a LOT more!


In addition, you get instant access to another amazing software
called, “Social Post Browser” ..

.. with this bonus software, you have to ability to explore top
facebook posts and uncover successful ads for anything you want!

It’s a perfect compliment to the Audience Analyzer!

If you’re getting stuck on what to insert into your facebook ad
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More eCom sales with this NEW software!
Want MORE eCommerce Sales? See this NEW software…
Want MORE Sales for your Online Business?
New software gets FRESH New buyers from Facebook

Using Dave’s latest “Audience Analyzer” software, you can
quickly & easily uncover thousands of hidden interest
keywords for your Facebook ads!


Step 1: Insert your niche keyword

Step 2: Validate your keyword to real facebook interests and copy

Step 3: Paste the interest keywords directly into Facebook ad manager

Congratulations you just setup a targeted ad campaign
using Audience Analyzer!

Generate targeted keywords from all the tools included in
Audience Analyzer. You get 9 awesome tools in one!

[1] Facebook Interests Tool- Uncover thousands of interest keyword
phrases directly from Facebook’s internal database through their
marketing API!

[2] Wikipedia Tool- Instantly pull thousands of keywords from Wikipedia
for ANY niche imaginable, and then verify if the keywords are facebook
interests at a click of a button!

[3] Movies Tool- Search movie titles and actor/actress names to
uncover super-targeted interest keywords!

[4] Books Tool- Instantly search book & magazine titles directly from
Google book’s internal database!

[5] Sites Tool- Find thousands of web site names to use as highly-targeted
interest keyword phrases!

[6] Brands Tool- Target brand name interest keywords for
ultra-targeted results!

[7] Search Engine Tool- Quickly expand your keyword spread by extracted
thousands of more keyword phrases from the top search engines and
top ecommerce search engines!

[8] Targets Manager Tool- Quickly manage all your Facebook interest
keywords in one easy-to-use target manager tool!

[9] Category Targets Browser- A “Never-Seen-Before” unique tool allows
you to instantly browse into the 1,000+ built-in category targets
that facebook provides you!

PLUS, I reached out to Dave and he slashed $80 off
the normal price ..

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In addition, you get access to the bonus “Social Post Browser”
Version 2.0 software ..

also .. both the Audience Analyzer software and the bonus software
work on PC and Mac computers.

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Thanks for your kind interest and talk soon,


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